S & A hair salon

S & A hair salon

About Us

The Place Where You Will Find The Most Innovative And Attractive Hair Styles For Yourself

S & A Hair Salon is a well-known name for the people of Armadale, Byford and Kelmscott. We provide complete hair styling and hair care service to the clients who wish to look gorgeous and charming. We have experienced, trained and certified hair stylist and hair care specialist who have deep knowledge about maintaining different types of hair.

We can give special looks to your hair as per your requirement and desire. Our hair styling experts can understand which types of style will suit your personality and face. It can be braided hairstyles or dreadlocks hairstyles – they will go with that to give you the best look.

Our Top Qualities

Wide Range Of Hair Styling Products

We offer a wide array of hair styling products that are highly popular in today’s fashion world. You can change your old look and get a brand new appearance with the help of those products. Some of them are Brazilian hair, African slippers, Human hair, etc. All of them are best in the quality and safe for your regular use.

Wide Array Of Hair Styling

It is good to have different looks on different occasions. If you too wish to get some of the unique and gorgeous looks then come to us. It can be hair dying or hair colouring through which your hair will look new and mind-blowing. Styles such as cornrows, fox locks or dread locks are also highly fashionable in this present time and we can provide you with those styles easily.

Highly Efficient Staffs

All our hair styling experts are trained and certified. They have experience in hair styling as well as hair washing and settling. These experts know how to treat different types of hairs in different manners that can make them look amazing and beautiful. Moreover, they have a complete knowledge of the modern hair styling trend. Hence, you can expect to get the best solution for your hair from them.

Whenever you wish to get the best styling and care for your hair, please come to us. Apart from Armadale, people from Byford and Kelmscott also visit our salon for exclusive hair services.